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Why Pilates?

Joseph Pilates at 77 working out in the snowJoseph Pilates at age 77, working out in the snow.Pilates is a method for training the entire body and mind that was conceived and developed during the first decades of the last century by Joseph H. Pilates, one of the pioneers of what is nowadays widely known as ‘fitness’.
As early as the 1930’s Joseph Pilates, through his method (which he himself called Contrology) and his publications, made the connection between physical exercise, proper breathing and posture and general mental and physical wellbeing.

The primary goal of the Pilates exercises is creating a strong ‘Powerhouse’ i.e. how Joseph Pilates called the region of the lower back, abdomen, pelvis and buttocks. Once you have a strong ‘Powerhouse’ in place you can then proceed to train your entire body. Pilates is a very effective and safe exercise method which can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their level of physical fitness, sex or age.

It’s a unique system of exercises that will strengthen and lengthen your body, consisting of floor exercises and exercises using machines especially designed by Joseph Pilates for use with the Pilates method. Training your body with the Pilates method has numerous advantages: correct posture, a supple back, proper breathing and the development of strong and lean muscles without adding bulk or causing ache or injuries.