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* What's the difference between a MAT intro, MAT1,2,3,4 en MAT open level mat class ?

MAT intro: this is a permanent beginners class which allows you to start with Pilates at any time during the year. After 5 classes you should be ready to move on to MAT1 classes.

MAT 1 if you are new to Pilates technique we'd advise you to join this class so we can gently ease you into Pilates training.
In the course of the season we gradually up the level so you're at intermediate level by the end of the season.
If you would like to join this class at a later time in the year be prepared to do at least 5 MATintro classes.

MAT 2 classes are for those who have had at least a year of basic MAT 1 classes.
This class has a wider variety of exercises and also makes use of extra props like the Triadball ™, Theraband, Arm Weights and the Magic Circle.

MAT 3 classes are for those with at least two year of intermediate MAT 2 class experience (or equivalent through private sessions). More types of exercises are used and the tempo is higher than MAT 1 and MAT 2.

MAT 4 is a truly advanced level. The full range of exercises is used at a high tempo.

MAT open level: this is a mat class aimed at anyone with at least 1 year of MAT1. This class has a wide variety of exercises and also makes use of extra props like the Triadball ™, Theraband, Arm Weights and the Magic Circle.

* What's the difference between a private, duet and trio session?

Private sessions consist of mat exercises and exercises on the apparatus, with a certified instructor as a private tutor. The exercise regime can be adapted to your level of physical fitness and/or any possible injury or requirements you may have

Duet sessions are basically the same as a private session but teamed up with a partner, preferably of the same level. For people who’d rather train alongside a partner or a friend.

Trio sessions consist of a combination of the mat exercises and exercises using the Wall-unit in groups of three.

Private-, duet- and trio sessions can be booked according to your own timetable (provided a matclass is not in session).

* How many times a week do I have to do Pilates to see results?
This is a question we get a lot and there's no easy answer to it. All depends on your physical condition, your self discipline and the goals you have set for yourself. More important than the frequency, however, is the regularity of your training. We have a lot of clients who achieve great results by training once week, every week. People who want to shape up faster can up this to 2-3 times a week, if they want. Some Pilates practicioners who are really comfortable with the mat class sequence do their mat exercises every day!
* Can I use Pilates to loose weight?
What you can expect as a result from Pilates training is improved posture, strength and flexibility. Only at advanced and superadvanced levels does a Pilates session become intense enough to have an aerobic effect as well. To really shed a few (or more) pounds you should combine Pilates with an aerobic activity such as running, swimming, cycling or walking and pay attention to your diet.
* What do I wear to a Pilates class?
Any gymwear that allows you to move freely and comfortably will do for a Pilates class, but it's a bit easier for our instructors to see what your body is doing if what you're wearing isn't too loose. Always good to have with you for a session are a pair of clean socks and a personal towel.
* What is Triadball™ Pilates?
The Triadball™ was designed Pilates Master Trainers Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt to add an extra dimension to the standard Pilates exercises and in order to do a number of the traditional machine exercises on the floor during a mat class. During the varied and controlled movements the focus is on correct breathing and posture. The Triadball™ can be used during mat classes and private sessions and on occasion we at Pilates Works have a separate Triadball™ workshop.