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Featured clients:

featured client: Rita featured client: Rita featured client: Rita

Featured client: Rita

Why did you start to do Pilates?
I wanted to do some kind of workout and wanted to do something about the pain in my lower back.
How did you hear about the PW studio?
I read about it in some magazine and convinced my friend Nicole to come along with me.
Do you remember what your first impressions of a Pilates class were?
I loved it! At first, I never thought I'd last but I've been doing Pilates for almost 6 years steady now!
What kind of effect do the Pilates exercises have on you?
Initially I noticed a marked improvement in my posture and after a while my lower back pain vanished too.
What is your favourite exercise (and why)?
Rolling Like a Ball because it really relaxes my back.
How many times per week do you work out?
I do a duet session twice a week with my friend Nicole.
Do you do Pilates at home every now and then?
On occasion, especially stretching exercises.