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Featured clients:

featured client: Peter featured client: Peter featured client: Peter

Featured client: Peter

Why did you start to do Pilates?
I have been having back problems all my life and was constantly told that weak abdominals were one of the causes. Because training your abdominals is the least fun part of many exercise regimes (I feel I have tried them all) I started looking for a safer, more fun and especially efficient alternative. That's how I ended up doing Pilates.
How did you hear about the Pilates Works studio?
Through the grapevine! There is no better advertising than word of mouth.
Do you remember what your first impressions of a Pilates class were?
I started doing mat classes and felt from the start that it was working all the right spots. After a while I added private sessions which were even more tailored to my specific needs.
What kind of effect do the Pilates exercises have on you?
The private sessions have changed my life. After I had a hernia operation I carefully resumed traing and gained strength very fast. I have a lot less pain then before and the change in my body is remarkable. Combining Pilates and aerobics, I managed to drop 8 kilos and now have a flat stomach, something I never dreamed possible at age 40. I feel truly revitalised and buoyant after every session. Not only does it have a positive effect on my body but on my "state of mind" as well!
What is your favourite exercise (and why)?
My favourites are the Inner thigh stretches because it works muscles I didn't even know I had. The other one would be the “final ending” because the hanging stretch feels so good for my back. It feels like a reward after an intense one-hour session.
How many times per week do you work out?
I do a private session once a week and to the gym twice a week. If I have the time I do a few stretches and abdominal exercises in the morning.
Do you do Pilates at home every now and then?
Every now and then in the morning. I have an exercise mat at home and a sheet with the exercises.