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Featured clients:

featured client: Kristine featured client: Kristine featured client: Kristine

Featured client: Kristine

Why did you start to do Pilates?
Fitness, steppen, aerobic, callanetics, … I tried it all but never found something I really liked. Then one day in a health food store I ran across a book on Pilates, did a google search and ended up at the Pilates Works website.
Do you remember what your first impressions of a Pilates class were?
I was hooked immediately from the first intro class and I haven't stopped since.
What kind of effect do the Pilates exercises have on you?
It feels great, thanks to personal training, to notice a real improvement in your own wellbeing, posture and mind. I'm much more aware of the way I use my body now.
What is your favourite exercise (and why)?
The Hundred, because every time I do it I'm reminded of where to use my energy, Also the rlab with stretched legs, because it gives me a felling of freedom.
How many times per week do you work out?
Every week on Saturday.
Do you do Pilates at home every now and then?
I manage to slip in one exercise a day (when I get out of bed or even in the office).