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Featured clients:

featured Pilates Works client: Frank featured Pilates Works client: Frank featured Pilates Works client: Frank

Featured client: Frank

Why did you start to do Pilates?
I was looking for an alternative for the more traditional gym exercises.
How did you hear about the Pilates Works studio?
I found the studio through the internet. The fact that it turned out to be just around the corner from my place was a nice bonus!
Do you remember what your first impressions of a Pilates class were?
The thing that struck me was the professionalism of everyone involved.
What kind of effect do the Pilates exercises have on you?
My posture has definitely improved and I've noticed that other sports such as skiing and swimming have become easier.
What is your favourite exercise (and why)?
Definitely the Teaser because to me it's the ultimate show of strength and balance. It's an impressive exercise which you have build up to.
How many times per week do you work out?
Twice a week.
Do you do Pilates at home every now and then?