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Featured clients:

featured Pilates Works client: Evita featured Pilates Works client: Evita featured Pilates Works client: Evita

Featured client: Evita

Why did you start to do Pilates?
I was looking for some form of exercise that would help me improve my posture and strengthen my muscles. I sit in front of a pc for the best part of the week so I needed something that would awake and re-energize my body. At that time, I read an article about Pilates and its benefits so I started looking for a studio in Antwerp.
How did you hear about the PW studio?
Online! Thanks Google!
Do you remember what your first impressions of a Pilates class were?
Pure pain! No, seriously..I'll never forget how difficult I thought the "teaser" was and how all of a sudden I was aware of every little muscle in my body.
What kind of effect do the Pilates exercises have on you?
It's great! After every session I feel so alive and full of energy. Small back pains and irritations here and there are all gone. During my pregnancy the effects where even more spectacular. Towards the end and when I was getting quite heavy, Pilates helped me remain fit, active and strong. I was also very keen to have a natural birth (no epidural) and Pilates gave me the stamina to get through labour. My recovery was also very fast. Days after labour I was carrying on with my usual taking care of our little boy.
What is your favourite exercise (and why)?
I love the seal! It's a great way to massage my back! I also enjoy all exercises that "attack" my arms and tummy.
How many times per week do you work out?
At least once..and I'm aiming for twice!
Do you do Pilates at home every now and then?
Sure. Usually when I feel tension in specific parts (like my back or arms), I do a couple of exercises to help that specific area.