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Featured clients:

featured Pilates Works client: Bela featured Pilates Works client: Bela featured Pilates Works client: Bela

Featured client: Bela

Why did you start Pilates?
I first heard about Pilates 15 years ago whilst doing a dance class. The teacher organised a Pilates workshop and encouraged all of us to come along. He said that it would improve posture and general allround condition.
How did you find Pilates Works?
When I first came to Antwerp I didn't know how to use the internet. I contacted Arabesque dance studio and they gave me the name of Pilates Works. Unfortunately it took me another 3 years to join the lessons !!
What was your first impression of the Pilates class?
Having previously had Pilates group lessons I assumed my experience would be similar. I was really surprised however when I found the Pilates works lessons completely different. It was so much better: the way the lessons are given, the small group and most importantly the explanation of how to do the exercises.
What effect has Pilates had on yourself?
I think more about my posture, the way I breathe, the way I hold my stomach and most importantly the way I undertake other forms of exercise.
What is your favourite exercise and why?
I really enjoy the Neck Pull, for a simple reason, I can see an improvement in the way I do the exercise and it incorporates different aspects of Pilates - stretching, strengthening and thinking !
How often do you train?
I go to a Pilates class once a week.
Do you exercise at home?
In short yes. I don't train train but I do do some sort of Pilates exercise once a day – if only literally for a few minutes…